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Delivering excellent results

Our Revenue Assurance Service platform is aimed at supporting and helping organizations comply with government regulations in the area of revenue generation and management through regulating agencies of government.

We support both public and private firms to assure and ascertain their revenue collections from their stakeholders by performing necessary verifications and confirmations with those stakeholders.

Our dedicated team of chartered accountants is always on hand to meet expanding industry needs and to deliver excellent results.


We provide services in the following areas:

By law, employers are saddled with the responsibility of contributing 1 percent of the annual pay roll of their staff salaries to the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) to help the body perform its statutory roles. Phillips Outsourcing assists firms to avoid non-conformity and see to it that such deductions are promptly remitted to prevent consequences. 
We realize that companies are pressed for time and qualified manpower to perform certain roles like ensuring compliance in the pension contribution of their employees. We are well-positioned to meet your needs in this regards by keeping you informed of industry thrusts so that you are always on the safe side: know your responsibilities, understand breaches, their severity and procedures for whistle blowing. 
Adequate employee compensation is a must for organizational growth and success. A good employee compensation go a long way to both attract and retain talent. However, a mis-management of this brief can lead to a dissatisfied and demotivated workforce. We bridge this gap by providing expert industry knowledge to meet with required standards.
Group Life Assurance Scheme is a Federal Government of Nigeria statutory initiative which requires that all employers with not less than 5 employees must maintain life assurance policy in favour of each employee for a minimum of three times of the employee's annual emolument. We know that there are many sides to this as organizations lack the required resource to ensure total compliance. We have the manpower to help you process and settle claims and correct lapses in improper documentation for effective implementation of the scheme in your firm. 
 The Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) is the sole government agency with the statutory muscle of providing social security, social protection for the poor, the aged, the disabled and disadvantaged members of the population. The fund is mandated to provide retirement, survivors', death and invalidity benefits. We provide advisory services to clients, help review their processes and position them to conform to NSITF standards.