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Strongly Bridging Your People Gap 

We outsource and manage professionals, skilled, technical and unskilled personnel at all levels on a short to long term basis. We can take over your exiting employees into our organization and if you do not have enough, we will provide a great choice from our robust database of skilled manpower.

This frees our clients from stress and labour union hassles and assures them of high capacity utilization and productivity at all times.


The services provided are as follows:

We effectively manage clients’ recruitment, selection and placement through a seamless process to fill available openings.  For clients’ strategic positioning and performance, we take-over, place and nurture staffs under our employment to meet the client’s expectation. With this tool, our clients are focused to deal with change and to sustain good succession management.
We assess your staff, identify and recommend training needs in relevant areas to keep their skills updated and aligning them with the client’s goals to drive satisfaction.
We manage your staff performance through regular reviews using key performance indicators (KPIs) to help set and direct their efforts, motivate them to achieving the client’s goals.
We are ethical in our dealings thereby ensuring adequate staff rewards to motivate performance and keeping them happy to drive the achievements of client’s goals.
We provide expert industry knowledge and statutory advice through our consultants and professionals, keeping you abreast of changes as they occur in your industry. We are competent in providing methodologies that help you maintain and update all applicable statutory obligations so that you are able to operate within the confines of the labour law.