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Gain the Full-Option Fleet Advantage 

Phillips Outsourcing is positioned to relieve your organisation of the many distractions of everyday car problems. We deliver efficient vehicle management and maintenance solutions and our full-option service is specifically tailored to exceed your expectations and give you value for money.

We purchase and outsource corporte vehicles orgnsations for their business operation. Our clients can now avoid the burden of huge capital outlay associated with outright purchase and so spread their costs.


Our package includes:

We work with reputable car companies to provide you with a range of vehicles in the specified size, colour, brand, and model, complete with standard workshops to keep our clients fleets in good condition. We handle vehicle registration and other basic requirement to ensure compliance with stipulated regulations.
OWe run periodic checks and carry out maintenance as and when due to ensure your fleet is in top condition always. We provide fleet advisory services-preventive and maintenance service at a great value for money to ensure performance delivery vehicles.
We provide cultured, courteous, and extremely careful drivers to chauffer you to your destination in style. We assure your total satisfaction through our continual driver monitoring, support, and training.
All outsourced vehicles are fitted with trackers for security and to check excessive speed, location, and running costs. This service helps you keep a tab on your drivers and your vehicle whereabout. It’s peace of mind guaranteed.
Each vehicle we provide is comprehensively insured, and the premium is paid without recourse to the client. You need not worry any longer—just concentrate on more demanding business matters.Our staff are well-trained, flexible, and always ready with value-added support to ensure prompt resolution of all issues.